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  Learning good manners begins at an early age, and Lisa Rose stresses the importance of good manners and how they related to a child's world.  Good manners bring more friends, more invitations to playgroups, birthday parties, and just being accepted in school.  We teach them that "Good manners are Cool".

Dreaming Of A Well Behaved Summer With Your Kiddos?

With summer right around the corner, I know you are dreading those long days with your kids fighting with them to just behave and be polite.
I know you are a good parent but nothing makes you feel more embarrassed or like a failure than trying to go out for a summer treat and your kid is just acting a fool.

I am here to help.....

In collaboration with Pagoda Restaurant, Lisa Rose is offering a real-life dinning experience to teach kids table manners and basic social skills.

We all know that kids learn best with their peers.  Our main goal besides which  fork and where your napkin is placed, is to instill that "Manners Are Cool".

Once that is understood, learning is easy!

Held In A Real Life Setting at
Pagoda Restaurant

June Schedule

Saturday, June 30
10:30 - 1:00
$50 per child
Boys Encouraged to Attend
Space is limited
Ages 8-12

Why Manners Are Cool
First Impressions
Introductions & Greetings
Formal & Informal Dining and Table Manners
Lunch served

Other Ages by request

We can also schedule a private group of 6 or more.  Perfect for Girl Scouts, Home Schoolers, etc.

Is your school or organization interested in offering Etiquette Lessons to your kids?  Lisa has begun offering off-site lessons to your location.  An extra benefit to offer your kids and parents
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Table Manners

Etiquette classes at Lisa Rose

Graduation at Lisa Rose
 Certificate of Completion

We'd love to hear from you.  Tell us what you'd like to see in our programs.  Your input is appreciated.

What They Are Saying....
The girls loved your etiquette class.  As a military family  we are always the new people to an area.  We bring the girls with us to many work dinners and luncheons.  My husband and I are thrilled with their increase in self-confidence.  They are no longer intimidated about first impressions and they are able to see the importance in etiquette.  Your class allowed them to see it’s not just our family that practices good manners.

Thank you,
Tble manners at Lisa RoseIntroductions at Lisa Rose

Table etiquette at Lisa RoseTable manners at Lisa Rose

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