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Lisa Rose School of Etiquette

Lisa has been helping children improve their social skills for the past 15 years, and teaches a fun, interactive and age appropriate subjects.

  Learning good manners begins at an early age, and Lisa Rose stresses the importance of good manners and how they related to a child's world. Good manners bring more friends, more invitations to playgroups, birthday parties, and just being accepted in school. We teach them  that "Manners Are Cool".

Whether you want me to help enhance their social skills to behave better in public, gain more confidence, prepare for school interviews, or to just learn the basics from someone other than you, we do it in a fun, interactive, and age appropriate class with their peers.

Topics Covered:

The Importance of Good Manners

Why Manners Are Cool

First Impressions

Introductions & Greetings

and of course, Table Etiquette

Lunch included

Manners Are Cool


For Boys & Girls Ages 7+

SATURDAY, JAN. 6  11:30 - 2:30



11:30 - 2:30

Held at Pagoda Restaurant

3 hour class

Each Child $65




(You will be contacted for specific details)




Let's Be real...  I know you are a good parent but nothing makes you feel more embarrassed or like a failure than trying to go out for a meal and your kid is just acting a fool.

I am here to help.....

We all know that kids learn best with their peers. Our main goal besides which fork and where your napkin is placed, is to instill that

"Manners Are Cool", and "Manners Matter".

Once that is understood, learning is easy!

What our customers are saying

Thanks so much, Lisa!  The girls said they had a great time!  Let's hope some of it sunk in... and is retained!  Mahalo

Nikki - Honolulu

2023 Lisa Rose

Honolulu, HI  96817

(808) 347-0853

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